Here exist many different types of connections,

one with a single internal O-ring seal contained in the outlet end cap(that is the 116 inside type in the ordering information) is used in small flow applications;

the other one with a special flange that incorporates a special seal to eliminate fluid bypass from the upstream to the downstream side of the filter, the housing elastomeric O-ring is placed on a special flange, which is an integral part of the element outlet end cap.

These filter cartridges provide effective particle removal and the most cost-effective solution for small flow filtration and gas applications within the beer filtration.


  • Low environment impact
  • Quick, simple installation
  • No chemical pre or post treatment required
  • High performance and low operating costs energy


  • Sterile CO2 filtration
  • Ink jets
  • Venting
  • Solvents
  • Mixed acids
  • Painting solution
  • Bulk and point-of-use gasesVarious wet processes in panel production


  • OD:56mm
  • Length: 2.5inch, 5inch


  • 116 inner o-ring
  • 126
  • Special flange