Sterile Compressor Air Purification System

In the pharmaceutical production, it require sterile air for sterile API, sterile drug production. And to meet the purpose, the pharmaceutical plants must equip with the sterile compressor air purification system to get the sterile air.

The compressor air comes from the air compressor, then it needs the purification system to remove oil, particles, water, and bacterias to meet the sterile requirement.

Below is a typical compressor air purification system diagram.

-1 Air inlet     -2 Air storage tank    -3 Grade C Dust removal filter     -4 Freeze dryer
-5 Grade T Water removal filter   -6 Grade A Micro oil/mist removal filter  -7 Absorption dryer
-8 Grade H Active carbon oil vapor/odd removal filter
-9 Grade F High efficiency particle removal filter
-10 Air outlet
After air outlet, add Grade S sterile filter. And to assure the sterilization performance, may add a redundant Grade S sterile filter.


Download this file (COMPRESSOR AIR FILTERS.pdf)Compressor air filters