Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge

 Products Brief

The advantage of activated carbon is its broad spectrum capacity to adsorb organic chemicals and promote catalytic, chemical reduction of chlorine disinfectants, it remains the primary material used in water treatment filters for the control of chlorine, taste and odor, and reduction asbestos, submicron materials, removal of mercury, lead and other types of heavy metals, toxic organic chemicals, etc.

 In a typical water filter application, water has a contact time of only less than 10 seconds with the activated carbon, making it a great challenge to remove harmful substances in such a short contact time. The extruded activated carbon blocks used in our cartridges are formulated to produce high porous and uniform block media, providing high-performance adsorption and particulate reduction, therefore they are capable of quickly processing water 150 times faster than traditional activated carbon formulation, and is capable of process water effectively under large flow rate.

As an economical alternative, granular activated carbon cartridges are also available for customers' selection.

Extruded activated carbon block cartridges. Both inner core and exterior are covered by compressed polypropylene mesh to prevent shedding of carbon fines.

Grade pore depth filter media type. No core lining required.

CACC- Activated coal carbon block filter cartridges

CACX- Activated coconut shell carbon block filter cartridges

CACS- Silver vaporised carbon block sterilizing filter cartridges

CACO- Oil absorbing activated coconut shell carbon block filter cartridges

CAGC- Granular activated coal carbon filter cartridges

CAGX- Granular activated coconut shell carbon filter cartridges