String Wound Filter Cartridge

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Sample image

String wound filter cartridges resembles the structure of porous outside and dense inside. Using specific technique the fiber yarn is tightly wound on porous core which contributes to good filtration result. It can effectively filter the impurities in the fluid, suspended substances, for instance, rusts, particles etc. Porosity string wound filter cartridge is an up-model products made with current international advanced technology. Advanced winding technique helps to rectify the defects of former products including large resistance and short service life etc. and reduce the utilization cost.

String Wound cartridges provide true depth filtration utilizing hundreds of tapered filtering passages of controlled size together shape. Each layer of roving contributes to true depth filtration by trapping its share of particles. Wound cartridges offer a gradual pressure Increase during cartridge life Versus surface-type media that have an abrupt flow cutoff when loaded. In addition, the Irregular outer layer reduces Surface blinding, assuring both longer cartridge life and full Cartridge utilization.

String wound cartridges covers a wide application area such as Edible Oils, Concentrated Alkalis, Dilute Acids & Alkalis, Mineral Acids, Organic Acids& Solvents, HTF, Oxidizing Agents, Petroleum Oils, Photo Solutions, Potable Liquids, water, Amines, etc.


  • Nominal removal ratings: 90% efficiency from 0.5µm to 150µm
  • Maximum Recommended Operating Conditions:
  1. Change Out △P: 30 psi (2.1 bar)
  2. △P@Ambient Temperature: 60 psi (4.1 bar)
  3. Flow Rate: 10 gpm (38 lpm) per 10 in length
  4. Maximum operation temperature @35psid
 Cartridge Material   Metal Core   Polypropylene Core   Glass-filled Polypropylene Core
 Cotton  250°F (121°C)  120°F (49°C)  ------
 Glassfiber  750°F (402°C)  -----  ------
 Polypropylene  200°F (93°C)  120°F (49°C)  200°F (93°C)
 Polyester  275°F (135°C)  120°F (49°C)  ------
 Rayon  250°F (121°C)  120°F (49°C)  ------

Note: Refer Material Selection Guide for additional compatibility information. Polyester and Rayon will be specially ordered for customer required.


ID: 28,30mm

OD: 60 - 115mm

Length: 5",10",20",30",40",50",60"


Glass fiber wound filter is specially design with stainless steel inner core to be operation in high temperature conditions.