Disk Membrane Filter

Products Brief

Disk Membrane Filters

As repescts of membrane separation, microfiltration is among the most extensively applied membrane, with the features of simple,fast use, in the industries of scientific reasearch, food test, chemical, nanotechnology, energy and evironment protection.Unique pore structure of disk filters can be a natural physical barrier, and it make the particles,microbacterials retended in its surface, and with the ablity of particle retention.

Disk filters are divided into the following as per its filter media: PES, Nylon, PVDF, PTFE, PP, GF, CA, CN etc. Diameters ranges from 13mm ~ 293mm, pore size can be 0.1μm ~ 10μm. Also we can supply base on customization.


Products Features

  • High porosity: supply high flow rate
  • Wide selection: various filter media with various diameters, supply various flow rate for easy selections to meet the customers' requirement
  • High purity: free of adhensive, binders
  • High strength: 100% test of bursting strength and Water phase and organic phase solution filtrationtensile strength


  • Regular cleaning and filtration
  • Sample preparation pretreatment
  • Environment monitor and analysis
  • Water phase and organic phase solution filtration
  • Fluid monitor
  • Medicine, pharma raw material analysis
  • Chromatography and special volume sample preparation
  • Air/Gas filtration

Products Specification 

 Filter Media  Microns (μm)  Dia. (mm)
 PES  0.05-1.0  13,25,37,47,90,142,293
 MCE  0.22-5.0  13,25,37,47,90,142,293/grid,black,sterile
 NYLON  0.1-5.0  13,25,37,47,90,142,293
 PVDF  0.22-0.45  13,25,37,47,90,142,293
 PTFE  0.1-5.0  13,25,37,47,90,142,293
 PP  0.22-5.0  13,37,47,90,125,142,293
 CA  0.22-3.0  13,25,37,47,90,142,293
 PP MESH  25,45,80  25,47,90,142
 NYLON MESH  10-180  25,47,90,30cmx30
 PC  0.05-8.0  13,25,37,47,90,142,293
 RC  0.22-0.45  13,25,37,47,50,90,142,293

Disk filter holder Dia.47mm


Disk filter holder Dia. 90mm 142mm 293mm