Depth Filter Sheet

The depth filter sheets incorporate an advanced blend of selected and processed cellulose fibres combined with filter-aids to produce filter media with superior filtration capabilities in conjunction with excellent wet and dry handling characteristics. In the filtration process, solid particles are slowed down and eventually retained by the tortuous path inside the filter sheet and by electrokinetical interactions. The pore size can be fine enough to retain bacteria down and thus produce a sterile liquid.


Typical applications of the depth filter sheets include spirits, wines, beers and lagers where long life, sterility, stability and clarity are essential. Similarly, the depth filter have found wide acceptance in the filtration of syrups for soft drinks and gelatines, plus a diverse spread of chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates and final products.
  Examples of industries:
  Beverage (beer, wine, spirits, juice...)
  Fine chemicals
  Herbal or other natural extracts
  Pharmaceutical intermediates
  Process water

Products Specifications

  TYPE  PFS-422 PFS-423  PFS-432  PFS-443  PFS-444  PFS-445  PFS-446
  Weight (g/m2)  1150-1250  1200-1300  1250-1350  1300-1400  1350-1450  1450-1550  1450-1550
 Thickness (mm) 3.4-4.0
 Water flow rate (3kpa/50ml)  1'30"-4'  4'-7'  7'-10'  10'-20'  20'-30'  30'-40'  35'-50'
 Bursting strength wet (kPa)(more than)  230  230  200  200 200  200 180
 Ash (%)(less than)  28  35  37.5  49  48  47  52
 Water (%)(less than)  7

Insertion of the Support Sheet
When inserting into the filter press handle the filter sheets with care to eliminate distortion or abrasion. Never use a damaged filter sheet. To ensure correct use place the smooth side of the filter sheet against the filtration plate. The rough side of the filter sheet faces the liquid to be filtered.

Depth filter sheets may be sterilized with saturated steam (100℃-110℃) or hot water(85℃-90℃) in 20min. The pressed packed filter has to be slightly loosened. Make sure to sterilize the entire filter system thoroughly. Final pressure should be applied to the filter package once the entire filter has cooled down.

Depth filter sheets can be forward and back washed using softened water to extend the life and reduce the costs of filtration. The sheets can be washed with hot water(50℃-60℃) in 20min.

Forms of supply
The depth sheets are available in various sizes and formats up to 1260 by 2600 mm (double, fold) with an enforced crease. Special formats are available on request.

Quality assurance
Quality control according to standards:
ISO 9001 (Quality management)
GB11680 (Hygienic standard of paper used for food packing)

Cellulose fibers, refined cotton, wood pulp and wet strong agents of foodstuff quality. All ingredients used in the above product do not contain any material in the sense of hazardous substances.

Uncontaminated sheets can be recycled like paper, composted or disposed with the domestic waste. Contaminated sheets must be disposed according to the contamination.

Depth filters consist of strongly adsorbing materials. Careful handling is necessary during transportation and storage. Depth filters must be stored in a dry place that is well aerated. Depth filter sheets are intended for immediate use and should be used within 24 months after production.