Support Sheet

These sheets are support sheets for precoat filtration. Due to their improved wet strength and optimized surface, a service life of about 30 times pre-coating cycles is possible irrespective of the liquid to be filtered and the filter aids used. The support sheets act as a support for filter aids which include diatomite, perlite, activated carbon and other specialist treatment powders. All support sheets are available as folded or single sheets to fit virtually any of the filter press sizes and types currently in use.


There is a broad field of applications for the precoat filtration with the support sheets. The main applications are characterized by a high percentage of solids in a turbid liquid that need to be retained. Mainly used in the beverage industries for beer filtration. It is also used in industrial applications i.e. pharmaceutical and/or biotech processes.

Products Specifications

 TYPE   PFS-222
 PFS-223  PFS-2231  PFS-224L
 Weight (g/m2)  1050-1200  1000-1100  1100-1200  700-850
 Thickness (mm)   3.6-4.0  3.4-3.7  3.6-3.9   3.2-3.5
 Water flow rate (3kpa/50ml)  1'-2'  50''-1'30''  2'-4'  20''-40''
 Bursting strength wet (kPa)(more than)  1000  900  800  350
 Ash (%)(less than)  1
 Water (%)(less than)  7


Insertion of the Support Sheet
Support sheets have a sensitive structure which requires extremely careful handling during transportation, storage and insertion. The outlet side of the filter sheet is smooth and is marked by the trademark of the company. The rough surface of the inlet side is then pointing into the direction of the frame.

After completion of filtration or filling of the frames, the used filter aids and sediments are removed by washing this support sheets with a gentle water jet, or it can be carefully scraped off the sheet. Care must be taken that the support sheets are not damaged.

The sheets can be sterilized with hot water(85℃-90℃),or saturated steam (100℃-110℃),in 20min. Sterilization is completed by flushing with potable water in the direction of filtration. After washing and sterilization the sheet is ready for another use.

Forms of supply
The support sheets are available in various sizes and formats up to 1260 by 2600 mm (double, fold) with an enforced crease. Special formats are available on request.

Quality assurance
Quality control according to international standards:
ISO 9001 (Quality management)
GB11680 (Hygienic standard of paper used for food packing)

Cellulose fibers, refined cotton, wood pulp and wet strong agents of foodstuff quality. All ingredients used in the above product do not contain any material in the sense of hazardous substances.

Uncontaminated sheets can be recycled like paper, composted or disposed with the domestic waste. Contaminated sheets must be disposed according to the contamination.