HFA Series High Flow Filter Cartridge

HFA Series High Flow Filter Cartridge is made of diameter 6 "(152.4mm), single open end, without inner core, inside to outside flow direction. Filter body have two types: melt-blown and pleated. And pleated filter is divided into two forms: standard and crescent-shaped. End caps and filter layer using hot-melt welding, no bonding agent, with a wide range of chemical compatibility, can be applied to various fields.


  • Outer cage is one piece, we are the only one in domestic.
  • Filtration systems are 50% smaller than typical size system.
  • Inside to outside flow direction keeps all of the contamination catched.
  • Gradient aperture deep polypropylene fiber filter media, aperture along the fluid motion direction becomes smaller, levels intercept different sizes particles, which has excellent dirt holding capacity and low flow resistance.


  • Petrochemical:Various solvents, chilled water, brine filtration.
  • Power Plant: Iron removal filters element, condensate filter element, stator cooling water, etc.
  • Industrial: Process fluid, process water, condensed water, coolant, wastewater treatment;
  • Food and Beverage: Process water;
  • General Purpose: RO Prefiltration, all kinds process water purification.


OD: 6" (152.4mm)
Length: 20"/40"/60"
Filtration area: 7 m2/40"