HFD Series High Flow Filter Cartridge

HFD Series High Flow Filter Cartridge is made of diameter 6.5 "(165mm) and pleated design with big flow area and dirt holding capacity. It can meet different flow requirements, with a wide range of chemical compatibility, can be applied to various fields.


  • Outer cage is one piece, we are the only one in domestic.
  • Gradient aperture deep polypropylene fiber filter media, aperture along the fluid motion direction becomes smaller, levels intercept different sizes particles, which has excellent dirt holding capacity and low flow resistance.


  • Power plant condensation water filtration.
  • RO pre-filtration, desalination pretreatment.
  • Biopharmaceutical industry pharmaceutical raw materials, solvents, water filtration.
  •  Food and Beverage process water treatment.


OD: 6.5" (165mm)
Length: 20",40", 60"
Filtration area: 6.5 m2/40"

 Operation conditions

  • Micron: 0.1-100 μm
  • Maximum operating temperature: 82℃
  • Maximum operating differential pressure: 3.44bar@82℃
  • Suggestion pressure for filter replacement: 2.5Bar@20℃
  • Suggestion Max. flow rate: 40": 20 -25 m3/h; 60": 30-40 m3/h