Multi Cartridges Industrial  Filter Housings "MCIFH"

Multi Cartridges Industrial  Filter Housings "MCIFH" are designed for use in pre-filtration and clarification processes for beverageincluding drinking water, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical, and other industrial applications.Constructed of 304 or 36L stainless steel, the housing also has a mechanically polished surface finish and can accept filter cartridges with DOE, 222 or 226 end connections, as well as cartridges in 10", 20", 30", 40" configuration.

In addition, it features a swing bolts closre at the top of the filtoer housing for easy access and installation. Mirror polishing and internal polishing of 0.6μm Ra are ensured by mechanically polishing the filter huising 5 - 7 times.


Features & Benifits

  • Mirror polishing: internal polishing 0.6μm; Sanitary grade requirements.
  • Use of spring to hold filters in place when installed.

Surface Finsh

  • Polish type: Mirror polish
  • Surface Option:Internal Ra: 0.6μm, External Ra:0.8μm

Material of Construction

  • Housing body: 304;316L
  • Vent/Drain: 304;316L
  • Clamp/Swing bolts: 304
  • Leg: 304
  • O-ring/Gasket: Silicone, Viton, EPDM


  • Body connection: Swing blots/C-Clamp/NPT
  • Inlet/Outlet: Clamp/Flange
  • Vent: G 1/2"(<12Cartridges);G 1"(>15Cartridges)
  • Drain: G 3/4"(<12Cartridges);G 1"(>15Cartridges)
  • Pressure gauge: M14*1.5

Operation conditions

  • Maximum operation Pressure: 6bar /10bar
  • Max. working temperature: 135℃