In-line Cartridges Sanitary Filter Housings "ICSFH"

In-line Cartridges Sanitary Filter Housings "ICSFH" are designed and manufactured according to sanitary-grade requirements and GMP standards. Widely used in life-science applications.

Due to compact design of the top-in and bottom-out flow pattern, we recommend to use the filter housings as vent or pipe connector.

It is designed for filtration with low volume requirements. Small filter elements with 56mm diameter will fit in this housing.


Features and Benefits

  • Quick-release closure clamp allows for quick disassembly - our sectional closure clamps increase pressure endurance by 20% compared to normal clamps
  • When running at high operating pressure, quick-release closure clamps provide perfecting sealing for PTFE o-rings. Max Operating Pressure can reach 10 bar
  • Varous flow pattern suitable for different requirement

Surface Finsh

  • Polish type: Mirror Polish; Internal Electro-polished
  • Surface Option:Internal Ra: 0.3μm, External Ra:0.4μm

Material of Construction

  • Housing body: 304;316L
  • Vent/DRain: 304;316L
  • Leg: 304
  • Clamp: 304
  • O-ring/Gasket: Silicone, Viton, EPDM, PTFE


  • Body connection:Tri-clamp / Strengthened clamp
  • Inlet/Outlet: 1 inch (DN 25) clamp
  • Vent: 4mm can connect with 8mm tube.
  • Drain: 4mm can connect with 8mm tube.
  • Pressure gauge: 1.5inch Tri-clamp.

Operation conditions

  • Maximum operation Pressure: 6bar
  • Max. working temperature: 135℃
  • Steam Sterilization: in-situ / Autoclave @121℃/ 30 min