Lenticular Sanitary Filter Housings "LESFH"

Lenticular Sanitary Filter Housings "LESFH" are specially designed for use with lenticular filter modules, especially in beer, wine filtration.

Designed according to sanitary requirements, the well-polished housing leaves no residual liquids and has an easy throughput for cleaning. The bottom in/bottom out flow pattern eliminates the turbulent flow; thus, enhancing filtration efficiency. Maximum height stack of 4 meets high flow rates requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Bottom in /bottom out structure allows for easy cleaning; Drain port is available on the inlet line, which is convenient for drainage.
  • Excellent sealing.
  • Top and middle opening options; easy module change out reduce liquid spoilage.
  • Satisfies EC Pressure Equipment Directive: PED 97/23/CE.

Surface Finsh

  • Polish type: Mechanical polish; Electro-polish
  • Surface Option:Internal Ra: 0.3μm, External Ra:0.4μm

Material of Construction

  • Housing body: 304;316L
  • Vent/Drain: 304;316L
  • Clamp/Swing bolts: 304
  • Leg: 304
  • O-ring/Gasket: Silicone, Viton, EPDM,Teflon


  • Body connection: Swing blots
  • Inlet/Outlet: Tri- clamp
  • Vent: 1/2" NPT
  • Drain: Tri-clamp 0.5 S
  • Pressure gauge: 1.5S Tri-clamp

Operation conditions

  • Maximum operation Pressure: 6bar
  • Max. working temperature: 130℃
  • Sterilization: inline/Autoclave @121