Disposable Syringe Filter

Products Brief

Syringe Filter

Disposable syringe filters are extensively applied in the filtration in lab research for its fast,convenient and reliable, and also elegant shape, high cleaness. And free of filter membrane change-in and change-out, and free of cleaness of filter housing, it saves complicated and time-consuming preparation works, regularly work as sample prefiltration,particles clarification and also sterile filtration of liquid, and gas.It's the prior choice for small volume sample preparation,e.g. HPLC,GC. and It's mating with syringes. Its filter membrane diameters ranges 4mm to mm, and process volumes 0.5ml to 200ml.

Products Features

 Filter Media  Main Features
 Nylon  Resistant to stronge alkali, organic solution, naturally hydrophillic. No need of prewetting before use, even pore size, good meachnical strength, and thread inlet/outlet
 MCE  High porosity, high retention effeciency.not resistant to strong acid,strong alikali, and most organic solutions.Most suitable for water base solutions filtration. unique thread connection design.
 CA  Naturally hydrophillic, low protein absorption, suitable for water base solutions.suitable for under-ground water filtration, uniform pore structure, extensive pore sizes, particle cell collection.
 PES  high microbacteria removal effeciency, low protein absorption, low extractables
 PVDF  Hydrophobic, resistant to high temperature and can stand repeated sterilization, resistant to chemical corrossion, oxidation
 PTFE  Excellent to chemical, and strong acid, strong alkali, and high temperature, and highly hydrophobic. and both hydrophillic and hydrophobic membrane is available for different liquid filtration requirement.
 GF Naturally hydrophobic, high flow rate, and high dirt holding capcity, and also strong mechanical strength.










  • Remove protein precipitate and solution dissolution determination
  • Food & beverage test and analysis, biofuel test and analysis
  • Sample pretreatment
  • Environment monitor and analysis
  • Pharma and pharma raw liquid analysis
  • Liquid phase gas
  • Gas filtration and flow liquid test


Syringe Filter Filter Media  Dia. (mm)  Microns (μm) 
 Nylon  Nylon  13,25,33  0.22,0.45
 MCE  MCE (mixed celluose nitrate and celluose acitate )  13,25,33  0.22,0.45
 PTFE  PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)  13,25,33  0.22,0.45
 PES  PES  (Polyethersulfone)  13,25,33  0.22,0.45
 PVDF  PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride )  13,25,33  0.22,0.45
 PP  PP  (Polypropylene)  13,25,33  0.22,0.45
 CA  CA (Celluose acetate)  13,25,33  0.22,0.45
 GF  GF (Microfiber glass )  13,25  0.7,1.0