Standard Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags

Product Brief

Standard Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags

Made of monofilament mesh. Heat setting process applied. Fiber migration free.It devides into twhree kinds:Nylon (NY) monofilament mesh standard filter bags, Polypropylene (PP) monofilament mesh standard filter bags, and Polyester (PE) monofilament standard filter bags.

Unique Advantages

  • Automatic installation: no need for manual installation
  • Double seal: double seals to prevent liquid bypass
  • Pressure seal: much advanced than traditional mechanical seal
  • Collapse free: thick wall design to resist deformation under excessive pressure
  • Universal compatiblity:fits and seals in most brands of standard bag housings


  • Exclusive FDA compliant monfilament mesh
  • High tensile strength, repeat use allowed
  • 5~1200microns range, absolute rating
  • Patented pressure seal rings, steel snap-fit design
  • Broad chemical compatiblities
  • Change-out pressure differential 0.10Mpa, Max 0.16Mpa


  • Auto coating & paint
  • Water purification & processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage

Product specifications

 Size# Filter Media  Seam   Length(mm)  Diameter(mm)  Filter Area (m2)  Volume(m3) 
 size 1  NY/PP/PE monofilament mesh  Stitched  420  180  0.25  8.0
 size 2  NY/PP/PE monofilament mesh  Stitched  820  180  0.50  17.5
 size 3  NY/PP/PE monofilament mesh  Stitched  230  100  0.09  1.5
 size 4  NY/PP/PE monofilament mesh  Stitched  380  100  0.15  2.5
 size 5  NY/PP/PE monofilament mesh  Stitched  510  150  1.50  8.0