Filter  Selection Guide

 In this article,it provides the information about how we recommend the right filters to the customers.

And it is very related to the filtration know-how, and filtration terms, liquid viscosity,particle types & distribution,flow rate,operation condistions ( temperature, pressure, continous time, sterilization method,cleaning method etc.),filter membrane structure, pore size etc.

Liquid characters


Higher viscosty, slower flow,and it leads to more time contact of filters to the liquid, and more particles to be absorbed. Lower viscosity,faster flow, and it leads to be harder to retent more particles.


Concentration is very vital for filter selection, especially for strong acid,alkali, oxidized liquid etc.

particle types,size and distribution:

Deformed particles and non-deformed particles. Deformed particles may change its shape under dynamic or pressure and difficult to remove by filtration, such as gel, proteins. and non-deformed particles keeps same shape, and easy to remove by filtration, such as resin, carbon, and DE.

Also very important to check its particles size and its distribution for correct filter selection.

PH value:

It's obviously that different filter can work in limit PH value.

chemical compatiblity:

Different raw material or concentration composition of product, different operating conditions and technological process, may change membranes’ or filters’ structure.

Operaiton conditions


Viscosity varies to different temperature. Higher temperature, lower viscosity. Also different filter material can stand limit temperature. So temperature is also an important factor for filter selection,filter media, cage, and endcap materail.


Each filters can stand limit pressure & temperature. So when we select the filters, we shall also take into consideration of the operation pressure.


Any chlorine,ozone and other special pretreatment, will change the liquid character, and damage the filters followed.

flow rate:

The filter length, numbers are best recommended to the customer to meet its production flow rate, meanwhile,best configure to save the operation cost.