Chemical Sanitization

Below are chemicals that are compatible with the subject filter cartridges and may be used to sanitize the filters if used according to the manufacturer’s directions.
Hydrogen Peroxide / Peracetic Acid (1:100 solution)
Hydrogen Peroxide (10%)
Sodium Hypochlorite (1:100 dilution – 500 to 600 ppm free chlorine)
Glutaraldehyde (up to 3.4% Solution)

The diluted disinfectant solution should be pumped through the filters as part of the system disinfection or sanitization. Alternatively, the filters may be removed from the system and immersed in sanitizer solution according to the chemical manufacturer’s directions. If removing the filter for sanitization or disinfection, replace O-rings every 3 months.
Rinse filters and system thoroughly with sterile water before placing the filters and system back into service. Assure that residual sanitizer solution has been rinsed from the system through the use of test strips or other suitable method.

NOTE: As filters become fouled, the concentration of the chemical sanitizer may need to be increased as the sanitizer may be exhausted by contaminants on the filter. If using chemical sanitization for a system, sampling methods should be in place to assure effective sanitization.
Use sterile gloves when handling chemicals and/or filters during the sanitizing and disinfection process.
Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for each chemical before use. Make sure the system is free from other chemicals that may react with the chosen solution before beginning the sanitization process.