Filter Housing Installation  and Installing Cartridge Filters

Figure 1 below shows a common filter housing installation setup. This setup will facilitate filter installation and the sanitization and sterilization of filters during use.

Critical Process Filtration Cartridge Filters should, at minimum, be installed in a housing system as shown in Figure 1 with the valves and pressure gauges in place for the “Product In” line.  If the cartridge is being installed in a system that will be heat sanitized or steam sterilized, then the lines, valves, pressure gauges and temperature gauges for “Hot Water In” and/or “Steam In” should also be in place. If the filter is to be integrity tested, then the mass flow meter portion of the system in Figure 1 should also be installed.  Procedures for integrity testing filters as well as procedures for hot water sanitization, steam sterilization and chemical sanitization are available as separate documents from Critical Process Filtration.

Figure 1 – Single Filter Housing Installation

Filter Cartridge Installation

  1. Shut off flow by first closing valve V1, and making sure that valves V2, V3 , V4 and V5 are also closed. Then close all other valves open during operation. (Caution: Do not open the housing until pressure gauges G4 and G5 both show “0” pressure.)
  2. Open Vent (Valve 7) and Drain (Valve 6) to empty housing of liquid. Open downstream drain valve V10, if desired.
  3. Remove the housing bowl and remove the old filter.
  4. Open the bag containing the new filter at the end with o-rings and wet the o-rings with water or the fluid being filtered. DO NOT TOUCH THE FILTER WITH BARE HANDS OR FINGERS.
  5. With the new filter still in the bag, push the o-ring end into the filter housing head using a twisting motion to assure a complete seal. If the filter has a 2-226 or 2-223-Tab o-ring configuration, make sure that the locking tabs engage with the tab holders in the housing head. (To prevent inadvertent contamination of filter, do not directly touch filters with your hands.)
  6. Remove the bag and replace the filter housing bowl.
  7. Close the Vent (V7) and Drain (V6 and/or V10)