HTY-305S microbial tester


HTY-305S is designed and manufactured for the microbial test, it has integrated diaphragm pump which could directly drain. So, it doesn’t need filtering flask. The customers could combine the S60 or filtration funnels on the HTY-305S to a membrane filtration system which could trap microorganism. Then culture them and count the colonies. It is ideal system for inspecting the microorganisms in water medicine and other drinks etc.


  • Built-in three diaphragm pumps, fast filtrating, low noise, directly drain, no filtering flask, convenience for use;
  • Color LCD display shows date, time, pump status, etc.
  • Tempered glass with touch keys, easy for operation, smooth surface prevent scratching and easy to clean;
  • Built-in intelligent control SIP program, avoid mistake operating and sanitize the equipment easily and intuitively.
  • Separately setting filtrating time, automatic memory, convenient for operation;
  • Three kinds of pump heads fit one equipment, more choices, more cost performance;
  • Three pump heads could use synchronously or separately, high work efficiency;
  • Easily removable pump head, could be steam sterilized at 121℃;
  • Pump heads could disinfected by flame quickly,low pollution risk, convenient for continuous test;
  • Whole mirror polished stainless steel body, smooth surface easy to clean and disinfect.

Technical Parameters

  • Power supply: AC220V/50Hz
  • Power: 90W
  • Noise: ≤60dB(A)(loaded)
  • Pumping flow rate: ≥1200ml/min
  • Weight:10kg(with PF47 pump heads)/11kg(with PF60 pump heads)/12kg(with PS60 pump heads)
  • Monitor or Funnel capacity: 100ml/250ml
  • Dimension: 38*26*12cm
  • Apply consumable: S60 enumeration monitor or F47/F47-250 funnel with Φ47mm disc membrane or F60-250 funnel with Φ60mm disc membrane


  • Pharmaceutical industry: the microbial limit test for purified water, WFI, APIs, oral liquid, tablets, capsules and biological products;
  • Disease control: the inspection of microorganism colonies and disease germ existed in drinking water and air conditioning condensed water;
  • Microorganism inspection for Food and beverage, mineral water and purified drinking water;
  • Chemicals: All kinds of solutions which need microorganism test.