HTY-30X series microbial test filtration support


HTY- 30X series Microbial Test Filtration Support is a new generation microbial test filtration, which is ergonomics design, structure simple, convenient to disassembly and assembly, without clean blind angle. It can form microbial test filtration system  by composed with filtration funnel and membrane.


  • Special pump heads, valves, pipe end design, which can be fast disassembly and assembly, easy and without blind angle for clean.
  • Straight tube is available in 1-place, 3-place, and 6-place models.
  • Filtration disc with edge bevel, convenient to take out by press edge.
  • Pump head can be individual autoclave, complete filtration support can be autoclave too.
  • One filtration support can choose two type pump heads: PF47A and PF60A.
  • Pump heads can be rapid sterilization by flame gun, which could reduce pollution risk and is convenient to continue the experiment.

Technical Parameters

  • Suitable Consumables: F47 /F47-250 Filtration Funnel, F60-250 Filtration Funnel
  • Weight:
     1)HTY-301A/B: 1.8kg/2.0kg
     2)HTY-303A/B: 3.6kg/4.0kg
     3)HTY-306A/B: 5.4kg/6.2kg
  • Support material: SUS 316L stainless steel
  • Suitable membrane diameter: Φ47mm/Φ60mm
  • Dimensions:
     1)1 pump head: 170mm*180mm*115mm(L*W*H)
     2)3 pump heads: 410mm*180mm*115mm(L*W*H)
     3)6 pump heads: 770mm*180mm*115mm(L*W*H)


  • Pharmaceutical industry: The HTY Microbial Test Filtration System can use for microbial limit test of purified water, WFI, APIs, oral liquid, tablets, capsules and biological products.
  • Food and beverage industry: The HTY Microbial Test Filtration System can use for microbial test of bottled water, beer, white spirit, fruit juice, other soft drink and liquid material in the production process.