Sterility test pump


HTY-602A is a new Sterility Test Pump with microcomputer control. The product is equipped with color LCD screen With new design, it has more compact size, more user-friendly operation, and real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity on operating platform.

HTY-602A Sterility Test Pump is a matching device used together with Steritailin ® Sterility Test Kits. Under the positive pressure by the pump, the sample is transferred into the canisters and filtered. Microbes that may be in the test sample are trapped by the filter. By rinsing the filter (if necessary), remove the antibacterial component in the test sample, then fill the the canister with culture medium and incubate to test whether the sample contains bacteria.


  • Compact design, less space occupation and prevents undesirable air turbulence;
  • Color LCD display shows the date, time, temperature and humidity;
  • With glass panel and foot switch, convenient for operation;
  • Touch control buttons, digital pulse speed control knob with switches;
  • Common four levels of speed, can be set up by a key, with memory function of speed;
  • With waterproof foot switch;
  • Rotatable drainage groove, convenient to use;
  • New design of dual bracket for bottles and bags;
  • Quadruple security features: Prevent overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, motor stalling;
  • Adopts brushless DC motor which makes the machine high reliable, longer life, sparkles and better explosion-proof;
  • Stainless steel cabinet mirror; lectric heating type

Technical Parameters

  • Power supply:AC 220V/50Hz
  • Rated power:90W
  • Speed:15-300rpm
  • Total height of hanger:38cm
  • Weight:16Kgs
  • Dimensions:23.0×31.0×11.0cm


The device can be widely used in the sterility test of sterile preparations, including antibiotics and medicines containing antibacterial ingredients, infusion, water injection, sterile medical equipments, sterile water for injection, etc. Coordinating with the membrane filter, it can be used to perform microbial enumeration test in pharmaceuticals, food, beverage and other industries.