Gas/Air/Steam Cartridges Sanitary Filter Housings "GSSFH"

 Gas/Air/Steam Cartridges Sanitary Filter Housings "GSSFH"  are designed for gas/air/steam filtration in biotechnology, chemical, electronic and food &beverage industries.

The housings are compatible for PF ( hydrophobic PTFE membrane), GF ( Glass microfiber ), MF ( metal filter ) to meet the requirements for gas/air/steam filtration.

Endcap design of the housings is code 7 (external 226 double o-rings with 2 locking tabs) which provides safe and secure sealing.

Features and Benefits

  • External 226 double o-ring with 2 locking tabs endcap ensures safe and secure sealing.
  • Housings flange connections designed in accordance with international standards.

Surface Finsh

  • Polish type: Mirror Polish; Internal Electro-polished
  • Surface Option:Internal Ra: 0.3μm, External Ra:0.4μm

Material of Construction

  • Housing body: 304;316L
  • Vent/DRain: 304;316L
  • Leg: 304
  • Clamp: 304
  • O-ring/Gasket: Silicone, Viton, EPDM, PTFE


  • Body connection: Flange / Tri-clamp
  • Inlet/Outlet: Flange / Tri-clamp
  • Vent: G 1/4"
  • Drain: G 1/4"
  • Pressure gauge: M14*1.5.

Operation conditions

  • Maximum operation Pressure: 6bar /10bar
  • Max. working temperature: 135℃
  • Steam Sterilization: in-situ / Autoclave @121