High Flow Multi Cartridges Sanitary Filter Housings "HCSFH"

High Flow Multi Cartridges Sanitary Filter Housings "HCSFH" are specially designed for high flow rate filtration requirement over 12 filter cartriges.

Flow redesign with flow pattern of side-in and bottom-out reduce cose compared to bottom-in and bottom-out flow pattern. In addition, top-inlet opening eleminates the need to move the housing body while installing the filter elements, thus reducing filter change-out time.

Rocher arm design makes it easier to move the top cap of the filter housing.

The three-part design and attachable plate allow for a complete cleaning when rigorous cleaning requirement are necessary.

Features and Benefits

  • Special three-part design for easy complete cleaning & save filter elements change-out time
  • Save cost while providing high flow rate filtration requirement
  • Varous flow pattern suitable for different requirement

Surface Finsh

  • Polish type: Mirror Polish; Internal Electro-polished
  • Surface Option:Internal Ra: 0.3μm, External Ra:0.4μm

Material of Construction

  • Housing body: 304;316L
  • Vent/DRain: 304;316L
  • Leg: 304
  • Clamp: 304
  • O-ring/Gasket: Silicone, Viton, EPDM, PTFE


  • Body connection: Flange / Swing Bolts
  • Inlet/Outlet:Tri-clamp
  • Vent: 4mm can connect with 8mm tube.
  • Drain: 4mm can connect with 8mm tube.
  • Pressure gauge: 1.5inch Tri-clamp.

Operation conditions

  • Maximum operation Pressure: 10bar
  • Max. working temperature: 130℃
  • Steam Sterilization: in-situ / Autoclave @121℃/ 30 min

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